Chapter 16

What is regression? How does it differ from but also build on correlation?

Explain what “predictor variable” and “outcome/criterion variable” mean.

What is the symbol for “predicted Y”?

What is the regression line? Statistically, what does it show?

When do we run simple linear regressions?

When looking at a regression line in a scatterplot, what is “slope”? What is the “y intercept”?

Be able to use these values in the formula for predicted Y. (Y’) For any given X, be able to compute Y’.

Define/describe the “standard error of the estimate.” What does it tell us?

Define/describe the “proportion of variance accounted for.” How do we compute it? What does it tell us?

Define/describe the concept of “regression to the mean.” Give/recognize an example.

Understand what multiple regression is. What does it do? Why would researchers use it? Give/recognize examples of multiple regression.

What are the ethical issues involved in predicting individual behavior from known variables?

Be able to perform and interpret any SPSS procedures that we do for this chapter.