Chapter 06

What is absolute value? What does this symbol mean:   ±

Review the properties of the normal curve.

What is a  z-score?

What is the purpose of computing z-scores? (What does a z-score tell us about a raw score’s location and frequency within a sample?)

What is the formula for computing a z-score? Be able to recognize and use the formula.

How do you go from a z-score back to a raw score?

What does a “z-distribution” mean?

What are the mean and standard deviation of a z-distribution?

Be able to plot raw scores and z-scores on a distribution.

Be able to plot z-scores from two samples on a single z-distribution. Be able to draw conclusions about scores from two samples.

What is the standard normal curve?

How do we use the standard normal curve to determine the percentile of a score?

What is the sampling distribution of the means? Why do we use it?

What is the standard error? How do you compute it?

What is the formula for transforming a sample mean into a z-score? Interpret that mean’s z-score.

(From chapter 7:) Be able to use the z table to calculate percentiles and to find the percentage of scores in certain regions of the standard normal curve.

Be able to perform and interpret any SPSS procedures that we do for this chapter.