Chapter 11 & 12 Later adulthood

Chapter 11 – Middle adulthood

combined with

Chapter 12 – Late adulthood

What are the age brackets for middle adulthood? For the three stages of older adulthood?

What is society’s aging pattern in developed countries? How will that impact adolescents and emerging/young adults?

How do vision and hearing decline in midlife? In older adulthood? How does exposure to loud noises over the years change hearing?

What are the risks (in older adulthood) of declining vision, hearing, taste, and smell?

What are the reproductive changes in midlife for women and men?

Name the major health problems of middle/older adulthood. What is the #1 worldwide cause of death in adults? What is the #2 worldwide cause of death?  What are the risk factors for heart disease and for cancer?

Explain how midlife health predicts health through the rest of the life span. Which set of factors predicts poor health and which predict good health in older age?

What happens to fluid and crystallized intelligence in midlife?

What is expertise? Why does expertise tend to peak in midlife? What are two factors that are associated with higher and two factors associated with lower job satisfaction in midlife? What is the impact of involuntary unemployment during midlife?

Describe what happens with attention during middle adulthood and in older adulthood. (Focus on selective attention, divided attention, & sustained attention.)

What happens with memory in middle adulthood? What are two aspects of memory that decline in older adulthood?

What is the most common type of dementia? What are two main signs/symptoms of dementia? What are two major risk factors for developing dementia?

What should you be doing now and throughout the adult years to age healthfully? (Name five things that everybody should be doing.)

What happens to self-concept in midlife? Why is this period considered to be the peak (in the U.S.)?

What happens to positive emotions/contentment as we go through older adulthood?

Is a midlife crisis is a typical part of development in middle adulthood?

Describe the new role of being grandparents. Describe the variations around the world. What are three influences on grandparental involvement with grandchildren?

Describe the typical patterns of marital satisfaction in midlife and in older adulthood.

What are Kubler-Ross’s five stages in response to imminent death? Name and briefly describe each.

Terms to define/understand



fluid intelligence

crystallized intelligence

glass ceiling


midlife crisis

acuity (vision, hearing)



macular degeneration


episodic memory

Alzheimer’s disease